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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm a natural light photographer living in the Boise, Idaho area with my husband and 5 kids. I enjoy capturing images of all kinds, but I am truly in love with photographing newborn babies. The first days of life are precious and magical and so very fleeting. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web :)

us girls

us girls

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Oregon coast

We took a really fun trip to Seaside Oregon with my Sister Danielle and her family. It was a vacation even for me since we left Stella home with Grammy. We missed her so much but knew she was in good hands. It was so nice to be able to hang out with just our older kids, play games and relax for a change.

Now, it rained a solid 90% of the 5 days we spent on the coast. But it was still so beautiful and it didn't stop us from having a great time or the kids from swimming in the F*R*E*E*Z*I*N*G cold ocean.

I never post quite so many family photos on this blog. I usually save those for our family blog, but we don't go on vacation very often so I thought I'd share with everyone. Get ready for image overload...

This was the beach right outside the condo we stayed in.

Lily loves to dance, and lucky for us she loves an audience too. She and Faith entertained us for quite a while. I really need to get Lil in dance classes so she can learn to put all of those dance moves of hers in some kind of order.

The house that 'Goonies' was filmed at in Astoria. Goonies was a family fave growing up so it was pretty exciting for me and Danielle to see it up close and personal. Pretty dorky, I know.

We could hear sea lions barking like crazy, so we drove down to the boat dock to check them out. There were TONS of them everywhere.

Mason & Chase were feeling pretty brave so they headed down the ramp to get a close up look at them.

The Maritime museum in Astoria.

A swimsuit shower after their nightly swim in the pool.

We woke up to a sunny sky on Saturday. So we took advantage and headed straight to the beach. Yes, it was still freezing, but it didn't seem to matter much to the kids. I only got in up to my thighs and it seemed like it took hours for all the feeling to come back to my feet and legs. I don't know how they could stand to get all the way in the water. Craziness.

Later in the day it stared raining AGAIN and I watched as Bo gazed longingly at the beach. He had so much fun. I wish we lived closer to a coast.

Cannon beach. It was a really really pretty beach.

Lily agreed to let me take some pictures of her. I was so excited to get a few really cute shots of her on the beach. By the time we got out there is was raining again. I took 2 pictures of her and this one is the better of the 2. Oh well.

One of Kirk & Danielle

Thanks guys for the fun trip! We can't wait for the next vacation. We're thinking somewhere tropical sounds wonderful for next time. And thank you Kirk for taking a few pictures of me. It hardly ever happens ya know!


Noelle said...

It looks like you guys had a great time, even though it rained. :( Maybe next time we'll be around so we can join you!

Alli Blue said...

Even though it was rainy, looks like the fun you guys had was amazing! The coast is the best!

Robin said...

I'm cold just looking at those photos, but it sounds like a fun trip. I'm glad you're back now so we can see more...
BTW, do you mind sharing your family blog address or is it private?

Anonymous said...

Ah! I looks like you had SO Much fun Laura! I remember going when we moved to Boise. We thought it would be like a CA beach so we brought jackets and swim suits and our camping gear. We were so excited to camp on the coast! NOT! WE froze, were drenched to the bone, and ended up in dive hotels along the coast. But we still have so much fun being at the beach!

Jennifer A. said...

What a beautiful family! A trip to the Oregon coast is on our list of things to do sometime. I love your collages and how you documented your memorable vacation!

Marisa said...

Such GREAT photos and I LOVE that hat Lily is wearing!! Can you believe that I've never been to Seaside or Astoria or Canon beach and I live so close! We will definitely have to go. The only problem is I have a hard time getting Carson to go to the coast here, since it's always cold and rainy! He would always rather go somewhere sunny!

Britt said...

What a fun trip. Your pictures are gorgeous. The one of you and Ross looks like it should be in an Eternity Cologne ad.