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Hello, and welcome to my blog. I'm a natural light photographer living in the Boise, Idaho area with my husband and 5 kids. I enjoy capturing images of all kinds, but I am truly in love with photographing newborn babies. The first days of life are precious and magical and so very fleeting. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have at Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web :)

us girls

us girls

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Boise newborn baby photographer : Drake

I love getting to meet the babies that I photograph when they're still in their Mama's belly. It reminds me of what a miracle pregnancy really is. Drake was a little tough for his session but we still ended up with lots of beautiful images. It just took a little patience.
 photo newwborn-photographers-boise-idaho_zps6763dd07.jpg
 photo newborn-photographers-boise-idaho_zpsd2b1597b.jpg
 photo treasure-valley-idaho-newborn-photographers_zps630c571b.jpg
 photo Drake-025web_zpsf963ba24.jpg
 photo treasure-valley-idaho-newborn-photographer_zpsdec16985.jpg
 photo treasure-valley-newborn-photographer_zps6ce79f91.jpg
 photo nampa-idaho-newborn-photographers_zps5add7cc9.jpg
 photo nampa-idaho-newborn-photographer_zps73091e46.jpg
 photo treasure-valley-newborn-photographers_zpsfdeef534.jpg
 photo boise-idaho-newborn-photographers_zps9c7aceee.jpg
 photo boise-idaho-newborn-photographer_zpsa08c5aa1.jpg
 photo newborn-photography-boise-idaho_zps9c500b3a.jpg
 photo newborn-photographer-boise-idaho_zpsa4f35755.jpg
 photo boise-newborn-photographer_zps506fd48e.jpg
 photo boise-newborn-photographers_zpsa4ef3398.jpg


Saida Cane said...

i cannot put into words how precious these photos are! amazing.